Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce recently shared an exciting announcement on the New Heights Podcast. The football star revealed that pop icon Taylor Swift would be joining him as a special guest on the show. Kelce expressed his admiration for Swift’s music and reflected on the influence she has had on his career.

Kelce, who is a fan of Swift’s music, described her as an incredibly talented artist who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. He expressed his excitement about having the opportunity to interview her on the podcast and delve into her journey as a musician.

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The New Heights Podcast is known for featuring influential guests who share their stories of success, resilience, and personal growth. Kelce, with his own achievements and experiences, is an ideal host for such a platform. Through the podcast, he aims to inspire and motivate listeners by offering unique insights from his guests.

Kelce has achieved great success in his own right, having been a vital part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl-winning team in 2018. He is recognized for his hard work, dedication, and leadership both on and off the field. By inviting Taylor Swift to join him on the podcast, he aims to provide a different perspective for his audience and explore the challenges and triumphs faced by successful people in various industries.

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In conclusion, Jason Kelce has announced Taylor Swift as a special guest on the New Heights Podcast. His excitement about this collaboration is fueled by his admiration for Swift as an artist and her impact on his own career. The podcast aims to inspire and motivate listeners through stories of success and personal growth.

Jason Kelce reveals Taylor Swift is 'Special Guest' on New Heights podcast  this week - YouTube