Jason Kelce didn’t ask questions.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII, members of the team and Jason Kelce, the brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, went out partying in Vegas.

While Travis was hanging out with his girlfriend Taylor Swift, Jason was in his own universe.

Speaking on their New Heights podcast, Jason and Travis provided more insight on the lucha mask.

Jason: I left the VIP area and, en route, saw something on the floor that was being trampled over. I picked it up and right away, I was like, ‘Oh, hell yes.’

Travis: Did you at least give it a quick rinse under the sink?

Jason: No. Where was I going to rinse it off? You see a luchador mask, you don’t ask questions. You just put that thing on. I’m sorry for whoever I stole that from.

Travis: Exactly. Whose was it? They probably went back there looking for it.

Jason: That’s part of the beauty of this whole thing. It just appeared out of nowhere.

Travis: We’re so similar. When we get hammered, we’re like invincible. Pink eye can’t stop us.

Jason: I for sure thought I was getting pink eye. There is no chance I thought I was getting out of that mask without having pink eye.

Travis: I was electric, and it matched the outfit so perfect. It made you look like someone’s favorite wrestler. My favorite wrestler now.

Jason: Like Mankind and Rey Mysterio had a baby.

Travis: Did you keep the mask?

Jason: I think. I had it in the morning when I left the hotel, but I can’t remember if I put it in my bag.

Jason and Travis have already been invited to WrestleMania 40, which takes place in Philadelphia, by Seth Rollins.

Bring all the Swifties.