Rumors are swirling about Joe Burrow’s personal life following his alleged breakup with longtime girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher. According to last week’s Deuxmoi Newsletter, the split was confirmed by a reliable source.

Further gossip emerged on this week’s Deux/U podcast, where another source claimed that a friend of a friend, who works as an influencer, has been seeing Burrow. This source also mentioned that this individual recently spent time with Burrow and Nick Bosa in Florida, suggesting that Joe and Olivia have been separated for a few months.

Adding to the speculation, there are new whispers linking Joe Burrow to a Los Angeles-based OnlyFans creator known as Babydoll. Details are scarce, but the rumor indicates that Burrow might be embracing his single status.

While these developments have sparked plenty of conversations, neither Burrow nor his representatives have publicly confirmed any of these relationships. As it stands, these reports remain unverified.

One thing is clear: Joe Burrow’s personal life is a hot topic among his fans, who are keenly interested in speculating about his romantic endeavors.