It appears that the connection between Josh Jacobs, the Raiders star, and Woah Kenzy, a stunning lady, may no longer be intact. Despite their previous association, Woah Kenzy took to social media to discuss the end of their relationship. In her post, she mentions her usual preference for keeping her relationships private but felt compelled to share her story this time.

She also took to Instagram to post some messages.

Funny enough, Josh Jacobs allegedly has 8 children.

Initially linked to Josh Jacobs earlier in the season, Woah Kenzy gained attention for her alleged involvement with the Raiders player. Known as an OnlyFans model, Woah Kenzy has also been romantically linked to James Harden in the past.

She is active on TikTok, where fans noticed her presence in videos shot at Josh Jacobs’ house, leading to speculations about their relationship.

It seems that Woah Kenzy won’t be sharing TikToks from the Raiders star’s house any longer. For more insights into Jacobs’ now-former girlfriend, check out the images below.