Justin Bieber is said to take his Bible with him everywhere he goes, and is now demonstrating his ‘Church boy’ side even more as he stopped to feed the homeless on Wednesday.

The singer stopped to have a heart to heart with a rough-sleeping man and woman after his Soul Cycle session in LA.

With some water and packets of food in hand, JB walked across the street to show some compassion as paps snapped him from across the road.

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Please contact X17 before any use of these exclusive photos - x17@x17agency.com Good Samaritan Justin Bieber stopped his car and talked to three homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk in Los Angeles wednesday morning giving them water and snacks March 28, 2018 /X17online.com

Strong mentally and physically: The 24-year-old pop star had just wrapped up a spin session at SoulCycle in Los Angeles

The Purpose singer was noticeable as he wore bright yellow Nike legwarmers with white shorts and grey Yeezy trainers in the Californian winter sun.

Biebs didn’t stop there as he even laid down on the concrete with the pair, most likely to make them feel more comfortable in his presence.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Justin be all philanthropist as he is said to have picked up people’s bar tabs, donated money to schools and visited sick children in the past.

Empathy: He took a moment to sit down with a man and woman who were willing to chat with him and at one point he even laid down horizontally to make the two people feel more at ease

Man of God: His heart for giving back may very well derive from his faith

JB’s good deeds won’t come as surprise to many fans who recall he declared himself as a Christian recently and now attends church services and bible studies nearly every week at the LA branch of Hillsong church.

According to TMZ, the Canadian artist, who was baptised in 2015, cancelled the last leg of his Purpose tour so that he could ‘rededicate his life to Christ.’

In an interview on The Bert Show, Bieber talked about finding his purpose.

‘My love and my passion is people,’ he said.

Weekly ritual: Since coming off the road, he has been seen attending church nearly every Sunday in Los Angeles 

‘Slowly but surely I’m figuring out where I belong and what my purpose is and what I need to do for the world.’