Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who’s also known for his romantic relationship with Taylor Swift, has spent the past months intently focused on football–first the regular season, then the playoffs, and finally the Super Bowl, which his team won 25-22 in a dramatic overtime quarter. At the same time, the 34-year-old Kelce has also been putting plenty of thought into the future, specifically his own future after he stops playing in the NFL. That ability to be completely committed to the present moment, while at the same time thinking ahead and making plans for the next phase of your life or your business, takes perspective, mindfulness, and a healthy dose of emotional intelligence. It’s an invaluable skill for any entrepreneur or business leader.

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No one could doubt Kelce’s determination to win his third Super Bowl last Sunday. He was so obsessed with the playoffs and the big game that he declared he wouldn’t shave his beard until the post season was over. And he made a pre-Super Bowl speech that was so passionate and powerful people said it gave them chills. Even though the most famous woman in the world was flying straight from a performance in Japan straight to cheer him on, Kelce explained again and again in response to questions from the press that he wasn’t letting it distract him, that he was fully focused on the game.

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So when a reporter asked, three days before the big game, whether he’d had any meetings in Hollywood and whether he was best suited to play in a comedy, drama, or action hero role, you might have expected Kelce to bring the focus back to the event that was right in front of him, saying that he was focused on the task at hand and not thinking about a hypothetical acting career.

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Instead, he answered the question without hesitation, making it clear he’d already given the subject quite a bit of thought. “Man, I’m comedy all the way. I don’t know if I’m anything else,” Kelce said. “I just like to have a fun time and make people laugh.” Kelce has already dipped his toe into comedy, having hosted Saturday Night Live. He added, “I’ll dabble in everything just to see if I have had fun doing it.