It didn’t take Las Vegas Aces rookie Kate Martin long to become one of the WNBA’s most beloved players.

Martin was already adored by Iowa Hawkeyes fans for her time spent playing alongside Caitlin Clark. But Martin has since entered a new stratosphere of celebrity since the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

Now Martin has carved out a role for herself on the two-time defending WNBA Champion Las Vegas Aces.

And that’s not where the excitement ends. Martin also (appeared to) hard-launch her new romantic relationship with an Instagram story that was posted on Sunday night.

Kate Martin's Instagram story from June 23, 2024.

And Martin doubled down on her new relationship with a comment on a TikTok that was posted on Monday.

TikTok user @abbeytok posted a video on Monday with the caption, “i can’t even be upset if that’s Kate Martin’s girlfriend because she is LITERALLY GORGEOUS STUNNING BEAUTIFUL PERFECT”.

And Martin commented on the post, writing, “She is gorgeous, stunning & perfect, I can’t lie,” (per her @katemartin03 TikTok account).

Fans commented on what Martin said with messages of support like, “KATEEE YOU GOT GAMEEEEEE”, and “that is soo cute”.

The most wholesome part of all is that Martin came out of TikTok retirement to make that comment.