Patrick Mahomes was so confident that the Kansas City Chiefs would win the Super Bowl this year that he actually predicted that it would happen BEFORE the regular season even ended.


The reason we know that is because his wife, Brittany, leaked out some family texts after the Super Bowl. In one of the texts, which was from Jan. 5, Patrick sent a short, 10-word message to his wife.

“I decided we are going to win the Super Bowl,” Patrick wrote.

Just to give you an idea of where things were in the AFC on Jan. 5: The Ravens had already clinched the No. 1 overall seed and the No. 2 seed was going to go to the winner of the Bills-Dolphins game in Week 18, a game that Buffalo would win. As for the Chiefs, they had already clinched the No. 3 seed in the conference, which means Mahomes knew that his team was going to have to hit the road at some point to even get to the Super Bowl.

Going into the 2023 season, Mahomes had never played in a true road playoff game, but on Jan. 5, he was clearly confident that he could win any road playoff game and then beat any team he might eventually face in the Super Bowl.

Not only did Mahomes stick to his promise, but he also sent Brittany another text on Jan. 28.

“I’ll see y’all in Vegas, I’m not done,” Mahomes wrote after the Chiefs’ beat the Ravens 17-10 in the AFC Championship game.

That sounds like a guy who is telling his wife that he still plans on winning the Super Bowl.

Let’s forget about that second text, though, and go back to the first text.

Just think about how crazy it is that Mahomes “Decided” he was going to win the Super Bowl and then he went out and did it with a wild 25-22 overtime win over the 49ers. Not only did the Chiefs’ pull out the win, but Mahomes won Super Bowl MVP.

The Chiefs quarterback sealed the MVP award in overtime when he went a perfect 8-of-8 for 42 yards on Kansas City’s game-winning drive. He also had two runs for 27 yards, which means that with the game on the line, Mahomes totaled 69 of the Chiefs’ 75 yards on their only drive of overtime, including a 3-yard TD pass to Mecole Hardman that won the game.

It was an impressive performance and it becomes even more impressive now that we know that he decided a full 37 days before the Super Bowl that he was going to win the Super Bowl.