The article delves into the ongoing feud between rappers Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, highlighting the recent tensions and shady exchanges between the two artists. It starts with Megan throwing shade at Nicki after her Grammy loss, leading to Nicki retaliating and declaring war on Megan and Roc Nation. 

The feud intensifies with accusations of sabotage, particularly from Nicki’s side, claiming that Roc Nation and Megan played a role in her Grammy loss. The article explores various instances of shade thrown by both parties, including subtle jabs in their music and public statements. Nicki’s beef with Roc Nation, particularly CEO Desiree Perez, is also highlighted, with Nicki alleging smear campaigns against her. Fans are divided on whether Roc Nation actually influenced Nicki’s Grammy loss or if it’s just a result of the Recording Academy’s bias against her.