Miley Cyrus EXPOSES Kendall Jenner For Bullying Selena Gomez

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After showing her support and love towards Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus is also protecting her friend by exposing Kendall Jenner for bullying Selena.

Oh, you thought things are about to end already? No, because it is only getting more interesting as days pass by.

More and more issues are being revealed and we are even uncovering a lot of truths and details that have already happened in the past. I bet that the people who started and got involved in this mess were already regretting some of their actions as they are being exposed one by one. You see, people are so into social media these days that it is not even hard to find receipts and evidence to back up their claims. And Miley is not letting Kendall get away from what she did to Selena.

We know that Miley and Sel goes way back. They have known each other for years ever since their Disney days. Fans even thought that they would never get past their issues because of Nick Jonas. Well, both of them were just probably laughing about that while looking back at what happened.

If you have been a fan of them ever since their Disney days, you would know that Miley was in a relationship with Nick Jonas. Though they were pretty young back then, Miley was affected by their breakup.