“Muting his text message alerts” – When Mike Trout’s weather obsession put his wife Jessica’s patience to the test

89th MLB All-Star Game, presented by MasterCard - Red Carpet

Mike Trout and Jessica at 89th MLB All-Star Game, presented by MasterCard – Red Carpet

Mike Trout’s love for weather is not unknown and his wife, Jessica, was once at a tipping point to mute his text messages due to the Angels’ star obsession with a cyclone.

Back in Jan. 2018, MLB Network posted a tweet about renowned meteorologist Jim Cantore talking about his shared interest in weather with Mike Trout.

“I’ve been talking to Mike Trout all week. He’s so excited about this storm right now. He’s been blowing up my phone,” Cantore said. “There’s no question that he would have been a meteorologist if he wasn’t a phenomenal baseball player. He really loves weather. He’s a total geek about it, and it’s great talking to him.”

This irked Jessica, who replied to the tweet, saying:

“He’s about one weather map photo short of me muting his text message alerts… 🤦🏼‍♀️📲 #theobsessionisreal”

Trout himself participated in this conversation with a GIF in which a reporter can be seen speaking in an intense snowfall.

Mike Trout can see some ‘time off’ from the field, but will continue as DH on off days

Since Shohei Ohtani left the Angels in free agency, the designated hitter spot has now gone vacant and is up for grabs. According to Angels manager Ron Washington, the spot will be used based on the workload of all the players, including Mike Trout.

Washington understands that using Trout as a DH is important to manage his workload.
“We’re going to get Mike off his feet at least once a week. I think it’s going to be very substantial for [Trout’s] workload, especially with him roaming center field. He knows that he can do it,” Washington said.
He added:

“So I’m going to allow him to do it and give him the breaks when he thinks he needs the breaks. But I’m not going to make it two or three times a week. We don’t want it to get in his head.”

This would allow Mike Trout to take a breather from playing center field every now and then.