My Daυghter will be the oпe cryiпg the most after losiпg Wiппie. They were close frieпds, always playiпg together. Wiппie had a special love for kids, aпd I doп’t thiпk I caп fiпd aпother dog qυite like him




My child will be the one crying the most after losing Winnie. They were close friends, always playing together. Winnie had a special love for kids, and I don’t think I can find another dog quite like him.Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce gushed about his two massive dogs when asked for advice on whether to get one by a fan on social media.




Jason and Kylie Kelce’s family of five expands beyond their three beautiful daughters with the couple, who tied the knot in 2018, are also proud owners to two Irish Wolfhounds, Winnie and Baloo.In a previous photo shared by the Eagles center, one of the wolfhounds can be seen reaching for a slice of pizza on its hind legs. The dog towers over Kelce, despite the NFL veteran’s 6-foot-3 frame.