New Footage Shows Jackson Mahomes’ Cringeworthy Encounter With Jason Kelce During Super Bowl Celebration (VIDEO)

Fans aren’t impressed with Jackson Mahomes’ presence at the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother has been the target of fans long for a couple of years following questionable behavior, but it really became bad once he got arrested after being seen on a local restaurant’s security cameras allegedly shoving an employee before grabbing the owner by the neck and forcibly kissing her three times.


Following the end of Super Bowl LVIII, Jason Kelce was out on the field as video showed him high-fiving the younger Mahomes. The interaction could’ve ended there but then Jackson goes back in to put his arm around him and seemingly wouldn’t stop as Jason clearly wanted that moment to end as he greeted others.

It was hard not to notice that awkward exchange.

This interaction comes on the heels of Jackson trying to hug Taylor Swift on the field, only to receive a cold embrace as she quickly moved away to warmly embrace others.

At a party before the Kansas City Chiefs-San Francisco 49ers clash, Jackson was captured on video as he tried to enter Brittany Mahomes’ exclusive section but the security guy at the venue wasn’t having it and did not care who his brother was.

Brittany could be seen shrugging her shoulders and dancing right after.

While Patrick Mahomes’ family has constantly been in the public eye, Jackson and Brittany are a common target for haters and trolls. This time around, Brittany earned praise as many believed she did not care for his presence.