Let’s take a shower with makeup free Naked Minaj, I mean Nicki Minaj…

this is ClevverMusic Barbz!

Hey there. “Lookin’ Ass” Nicki let us have a look at how she gets her shower on, but we think there’s a good reason behind this.

Not that we’re strangers to seeing topless or nude pics of Nicki, but her latest Instagram spree yesterday March 5th takes it to a new level.

First, we got a sneak peek at what was to come, Nicki completely naked dripping wet in the shower giving us side boob and natural hair (once again).

Remember she just showed us her impressive brown locks a few weeks ago?

Then a boobtastic shower selfie in the truest form.

And she’s giving us the eye with her gorgeous no makeup face.

Next, the photo shoot starts. She’s all giggling and showing us dimples in a side profile.

Then a serious side profile covering up her lady parts. Then the posing gets turnt up. We see she’s not naked but she’s doing a super sexy back pose. This might be my favorite one. Then as if to signal that shower time is over, Nick throws up the peace sign.

And we out. But there’s more! Nicki is in her house in a pink smock coloring her hair it appears. Then she’s outside doing the same pose as if to say: look how long my hair is Barbz! Meanwhile, there’s no captions on any of these photos. This bitch is smart. So here’s why we think she posting these new selfies: she tweeted today, “Plus I got new hair products coming out so I gotta show u guys how well they work.” Could these shower selfies just be promotion for her upcoming hair line? We think so.

Here’s the latest on Nicki—her bestie SB got her face tattooed on his chest. Click here on the screen to see it! I’m Misty Kingma, your best Barb news reporter. See ya’ll soon.

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