Lindsey Hill spoke on Trevor BauerLindsey Hill spoke on Trevor Bauer’s MLB comeback

Trevor Bauer hasn’t been able to get an MLB contract despite his best efforts to return to the league, and his primary accuser Lindsey Hill said she found humor in the situation. This situation has been going on for several years and while the legal case is over, Bauer still hasn’t gotten an offer from an MLB team yet. To Hill, who said it isn’t illegal to use humor to cope with what she’s been through, it’s a bit poetic.

Hill shared a lengthy video to X, formerly Twitter. In it, she bashed Bauer’s recent video detailing his version of the events. She said:

“No MLB team is signing Trevor Bauer, could you imagine that? No one is signing him, it’s almost like the conservative media that attacked me, they thought they knew better than a neutral arbitrator who heard all the evidence from different women.”
She continued, citing reasons why Bauer hasn’t seen any interest from MLB teams despite his desire for a contract:
“Number one, why he’s not signed: multiple accusers, some of which have sex tapes that he filmed himself… there’s not consensual activity going on… Second of all, texts! Like a text that says, ‘I want to [sic] you unconscious’, hundreds and hundreds of texts like that… They brought in bruising experts to go through that Snapchat video y’all love.”
She finished by saying:
“God bless him in the Mexican League. … Sex tapes, forensic evidence, top lawyers, neutral arbitrator who all said he is worthy of the longest suspension of all time.”
Bauer is slated to pitch in a Mexican League and take on the New York Yankees soon, but his path to an MLB contract is less than clear.

Trevor Bauer heading to Mexico to keep MLB dream alive

While he attempts to convince everyone he can still pitch, Trevor Bauer is heading to a Mexican League to pitch a few games. One of them will be an exhibition game with the Yankees before the regular season begins.
Trevor Bauer is angling for an MLB returnTrevor Bauer is angling for an MLB return
The 33-year-old former Cy Young winner said, via AP:
“This will help me stay in game shape and I’ll be able to join a rotation immediately if or when an MLB offer comes.”
It is currently unclear if any MLB team has him on their radar right now and is considering signing him.

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