OMG…Will Smith THREATENS To Sue Steve Harvey For Humiliating Him – VIDEO IN COMMENTS👇👇

It seems as though when people have a whole lot of money, they get a whole lot more vindictive.

This time, it’s Will Smith threatening to sue Steve Harvey. Turns out, Will is furious over what is being called a mind-boggling case of public humiliation.

And now, Will is ready to get the lawyers involved in the fight. Will Smith as many of you know has been dealing with the aftermath from the 2022 oscars for the past year and then some.

Before he blew his cover, he was known as the life of the party in hollywood- and a charming, magnetic actor.

But lately, he’s been seething over the blows he’s being dealt after the slap incident. And now Steve harvey has gotten into the mix- leaving Will steaming.