KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick and Brittany Mahomes visited a family at Children’s Mercy Hospital who were injured in the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

The Reyes family is one of the families impacted by the shooting Wednesday. They have two daughters, one who is 8 years old and another who is 10 years old. They did not name their daughters.

Both of the girls were shot in the legs and underwent surgery after the shooting. The family said they will be in casts for several months. They are getting physical therapy to regain their strength and mobility.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a 43-year-old woman killed in the parade shooting, is related to the Reyes family. She was a local radio DJ and active in both the Hispanic community and in her neighborhood on the west side of Kansas City.

The family said they are relieved by their daughters’ progress, but the emotional healing continues for all of them.

The girls were celebrating with multiple family members when they were hit by the gunfire after the Chiefs rally at Union Station.

The family released a statement saying: “We want to give a personal thank you to the staff of Children’s Mercy Hospital and Patrick & Brittany Mahomes for their outpouring care, love, and support.”

The shooting happened Wednesday after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally, where shots were fired near the Union Station parking garage, and several people were struck, KCPD said.

The shooting was the result of a dispute, according to police, and it killed one and wounded 22 people.

Three suspects were initially taken into custody. Two of them are juveniles, and they are still in custody. Police determined a third suspect wasn’t involved.

Court officials confirmed the two teens have been charged in juvenile court with gun-related and resisting arrest charges. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office told FOX4 the juveniles will be charged as adults if and when they are certified to stand trial as adults.