With four Super Bowl appearances under his belt, Patrick Mahomes has already thrown and completed more passes in Super Bowls than any other quarterback — with the exception of Tom Brady, who’s still far beyond Mahomes’ career numbers.


Mahomes has 107 completions and 164 attempts in Super Bowls, both of which are the second-most in Super Bowl history. But Brady had 277 completions and 421 attempts in Super Bowls, meaning that at his current average in Super Bowl games, Mahomes would have to appear in 11 Super Bowls to surpass Brady’s numbers in both passes and completions.

Mahomes is even further behind in Super Bowl passing yards and touchdowns.

Mahomes’ 1,071 passing yards in Super Bowls are just over one-third of Tom Brady’s yardage total of 3,039 yards in Super Bowls. Also ahead of Mahomes are Kurt Warner (1,156 passing yards in Super Bowls), Joe Montana (1,142) and John Elway (1,128).

Mahomes’ seven Super Bowl touchdown passes are one-third of Brady’s total of 21, and are also behind Montana (11), Terry Bradshaw (nine) and Roger Staubach (eight).

Mahomes is off to the best start of any player in NFL history. But he still has a long way to go to match the accomplishments of Brady’s 23-year career.