In photos: Patrick Mahomes and family enjoy relaxing island life in Hawaii

Patrick Mahomes enjoys vacation in HawaiiPatrick Mahomes enjoys vacation in Hawaii

Patrick Mahomes and his family are all set for the perfect American summer. Already enjoying their offseason, Mahomes, his wife Brittany, and their children spent a few days by the ocean. Always active on social media, Brittany made sure to share some iconic snaps from their vacation.

Having some fun by the beach side, Brittany referred to their downtime as “island life”.

With months left to go for the 2023 NFL season to begin, both Patrick Mahomes and Brittany are making sure to spend some quality time with their children.

Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes' official IG (@brittanylynne)Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes’ official IG (@brittanylynne)

Various snaps posted by Brittany include their children, where Sterling, their two-year-old daughter, has her own set of toys ready for the beach. Brittany and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback posed with their children separately, having fun in the water as well as on the beach.
Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes' official IG (@brittanylynne)Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes’ official IG (@brittanylynne)
“Island life,” Brittany wrote.

In earlier Instagram stories, Brittany shared a few snaps of when their vacation began.
Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes' official IG (@brittanylynne)Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes’ official IG (@brittanylynne)

All smiles, this was one of the biggest vacations for the Mahomes family since the Chiefs bagged the second Super Bowl in February.

A look into Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ offseason

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have had an interesting offseason. With teams beginning with OTA, there’s time before the Chiefs resume full practice. Of course, this leaves Patrick Mahomes enough time to focus on other ventures and spend some time with his family and friends.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes started with the Met Gala, making their debut appearance at the event. They also attended the Kentucky Derby and the Miami Grand Prix this year. Easily one of the most popular couples in the NFL, their looks received equal amounts of love and hate from fans online.

Mahomes even starred in a recent Coors Light Beer ad.

With their daughter growing up, Brittany celebrated a major milestone some time ago:
Enter captionEnter caption
Apparently, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have now gotten Sterling Skye a big girl bed of her own.
“Moved Sterling to a big girl bed today and I could cry. She went right to sleep.”
Of course, they made sure to keep an eye on her through a baby monitor.

With the season approaching, one can expect to see the Mahomes family cheering for the Chiefs from the stands. Last year, Brittany started bringing Sterling to the games. This season, as Bronze is growing up, the toddler might accompany his mother and grandmother to home games.