Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs left Kyle Shanahan's family absolutely speechless after Super Bowl LVIII

“When it’s grim, be the grim reaper,” Andy Reid said a few years ago in regards to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He said that because Mahomes is known to play better when things aren’t going the Chiefs’ way. Every single game this postseason, and in 2019, was a comeback of at least 10 points that ended in a win.

Mahomes has the nickname Grim Reaper because of that. But now, he is taking the nickname to a whole new level. After completing the comeback against the San Francisco 49ers and then walking it off in overtime, he channeled his true grim reaper moment.

An excerpt from an article written by the San Francisco Chronicle sums it up perfectly, as Mahomes left the 49ers’ head coach and his family speechless after the game.

Peggy Shanahan sat on a bench outside the small room where her only son was sequestered and stared down at the locker room carpet, wondering what she possibly could say to ease his anguish. Mothers are built for such moments, but she had nothing. Another heartbreaking Super Bowl loss had hit her like a parade float getting broadsided by a tank. – Michael Silver, SF Chronicle 
It sounds awful, but this is what Mahomes and the Chiefs do now. They are the villains of the league now, and they have done this to the San Francisco 49ers and Kyle Shanahan twice. Mahomes took the name to another level when he called the same play from last year’s Super Bowl.

It wasn’t called Corndog this season, but instead, it was called Tom and Jerry. However, it had the same motion and route for the wide receiver, who happened to be Mecole Hardman this time. That put the nail in the coffin and was ultimately the thing that kept Shanahan’s family speechless. When you think about it, Mahomes is a cold-blooded killer. There is a reason even Tom Brady’s former teammates are in awe of him.