The party was wild last night! The Kansas City Chiefs shattered the dreams of the San Francisco 49ers by winning the Super Bowl for the fourth time.

As it was a big and tiresome week for Patrick Mahomes and the entire Chiefs clan, their loved ones made sure to support the champions in all ways possible.

After their exciting 25-22 win in Super Bowl LVIII, the Chiefs didn’t stop their celebration at Allegiant Stadium. They carried on the festivities at the Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas, continuing their well-deserved revelry.

This ultimately means Mahomes might have sleepy eyes during this phase, but thanks to the Quarterback’s wife Brittany Mahomes, who made sure that Patrick received a good amount of time to respite.

Brittany Mahomes understood Patrick Mahomes’ need!

In the latest interview with the NFL Total Access, Patrick Mahomes joined the show from Disneyland, and revealed his wife’s plan after the Super Bowl win. When the interviewer asked whether Mahomes had slept or not after the dreamy win, the 28-year-old revealed, “I actually got an hour and a half [to sleep]. My wife made me go home last night. It was probably the best decision for everybody.”

As the interviewer said, “That’s a win for Brittany,” fans can feel it, as they know how badly their champion needed a night of sleep, especially after the kind of hard work he has put in this whole season.

Now as they move on towards their next party trip, Mahomes chose Disneyland once again, carrying the tradition, as he informed in the virtual interview with NFL.

Following the post-Super Bowl tradition in Southern California!

After the Chiefs led to a 25-22 victory, in the post-Super Bowl win speech, Patrick Mahomes mentioned, “I’m Going to Disneyland!” The 3x Super Bowl winning quarterback, in a post-game ritual dating back almost four decades, kept the tradition continued. He participated in Disney’s annual commercial and later visited Disneyland with his family.

This marked Mahomes’ third appearance in the post-Super Bowl parade. The festivities extended to Disneyland Resort in California, where Mahomes led a vibrant cavalcade through Disneyland Park, interacting with characters and enjoying popular attractions with family and friends.

It’s quite a massive celebration of the legendary quarterback!