Patrick Mahomes ended his seventh NFL season with his third Lombardi Trophy, and hit the pillow early Monday morning thinking about becoming the first team in NFL history to three-peat.

At least, that’s what this year’s Super Bowl‘s MVP (the third, same accolade of his career) told reporters before leaving for Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, with his wife and two children on Monday, while his Chiefs teammates boarded a private plane to return to home base, a.k.a Kansas City.

‘It’s legendary — no one’s ever done it,’ Mahomes said of his mindset to go after the three-peat. ‘No one’s ever done it, and we knew it’s legendary to win back-to-back. I think eight other teams have done it. We had heard it all week. We had talked to the guys about it, and we felt like we had the best opportunity that we had ever had to go out there and do that.

‘We’ve got to continue to play our best football. We’ll celebrate these next few weeks, and then we’ll get right back at it.’

Mahomes said the Chiefs entered the halftime locker room trailing 10-3 on Sunday night very confident because they weren’t executing.


Patrick Mahomes is already shifting his focus to next season just a day after winning his third Super Bowl in Las Vegas

The Kansas City Chiefs QB also said the team entered the halftime locker room trailing 10-3 on Sunday night ‘very confident’ because  they weren’t playing at their best

‘For us, we just had to be us. Give it everything we have and live with the results after,’ Mahomes said.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Mahomes’ performance and excellence can be easy to take for granted, but he’s still getting better.

‘He makes it look easy,’ Reid said. ‘This is a fluid game with the best athletes in this sport in the world. You’ve narrowed it down to the top two. And he’s out there playing like he’s in the back yard, like it’s nothing. From a head-coaching standpoint, guy that works with offensive guys, all you can ask for.’

The Chiefs are now the fourth franchise to win three Super Bowls in five seasons, so they have already technically cemented their spot in NFL history.

‘It means a ton,’ Mahomes said. ‘I know how hard these guys work. I know how hard these guys get after it. I know how hard the coaches work. I believe we’re the hardest-working team in the NFL, and for all of that hard work to pay off…

Along with his third Super Bowl, the 28-year-old Mahomes won a third Super Bowl MVP award

‘That’s something that we always preach is we believe we work for those moments, for those end-of-game moments, and we prepare ourselves for those. To be able to have our stamp on this great NFL history is something that I’ll never take for granted.’

The Chiefs have mostly steered clear from referring to themselves as a dynasty. But Reid, who just wrapped up his 25th season as an NFL coach, didn’t argue with the suggestion when it was brought up.

‘It is history,’ he said. ‘We don’t determine if it’s a dynasty … but I would tell you that it is as fine a group as I’ve been around, and I’ve been around [for 25 seasons and], been very fortunate. We’ve been around some great organizations, good teams, and this group here and organization are tremendous.

‘If somebody said dynasty and tagged us on to it, I’d be very proud of that.’