PHOTO: Brittany Mahomes Doesn’t Approve Of Patrick Mahomes Ridiculous Offseason Diet & Calls Him Out On Social Media

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is enjoying the NFL offseason a little too much for his wife’s liking.

Earlier this week, Patrick Mahomes wife, Brittany Mahomes, took to her Instagram story to call out the Chiefs quarterback for a habit he has every night.

“Anyone else eat 10 of these a night?” Brittany asked.

She posed this question while posting a miniature chocolate-dipped ice cream cone shown next to Mahomes’ face, followed by the line, “Because he does.”

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is enjoying the offseason eating 10 ice creams a night 💀

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) March 26, 2024
Fans shouldn’t be too surprised since the 6-foot-2, 225-pound quarterback went insanely viral because of his lack of a physique while playing at a high level. The three-time Super Bowl MVP joined the fun by openly joking about his “dad bod.”

“I have a six-pack, it’s just under the dad bod,” Mahomes told reporters, via Sports Illustrated. “If you feel—there might be some skin there, but then underneath that, the six pack is there. You just gotta get real close and squint a little bit. I think you’ll see it.”

Although Patrick can eat 10 mini ice creams in one night, he does not lose his goal of staying in good physical shape.

Last week, Mahomes shared a video of an extreme workout that should calm the fears of Chiefs fans.

In an interview with Men’s Journal in 2018, Patrick Mahomes revealed that he ate four to five meals a day and often has two dinners so he’s not eating too much at one time. “I usually eat four to five meals a day.

Patrick Mahomes is Already A First Ballot Hall of Fame QB

Patrick Mahomes has won three Super Bowl rings with the Kansas City Chiefs, with the latest one coming this past February when his team took down the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas

The 28-year-old quarterback earned his third Super Bowl ring and third Super Bowl MVP in just his seventh NFL season and is already surpassing Hall of Famers on the all-time postseason touchdowns list in the process.

He isn’t even in his 30s and is already a sure-fire hall of fame quarterback.