It felt like there was a new NFL conspiracy theory every week this season, but none were bigger than the theories surrounding Taylor Swift.

The Travis Kelce romance with Swift put NFL fans in a frenzy, some loving the attention and others hating it. The constant attention on the couple and the Chiefs quickly caused fans to theorize a motive behind it.

Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on Super Bowl 'conspiracy theories' after  claims Taylor Swift effect was 'rigged' | The US Sun

Some thought the romance was part of the NFL’s script while others even attributed it to the presidential race.

Patrick Mahomes has handled the media attention from Swift and Kelce well throughout the season and playoffs, keeping the couple’s personal life private while not playing into any silly questions, which have been common.

Patrick Mahomes Responds to Super Bowl Rigged Conspiracy Theory

So common that they made it all the way to CNN where Mahomes quickly shut them down live on air.

CNN anchor Abby Phillip questioned the Super Bowl MVP on claims that the season was scripted and that the game involved president Joe Biden, claims which Mahomes wanted nothing to do with.

Vivek Ramaswamy's theory of a Super Bowl rigged by Taylor Swift and Travis  Kelce sparks fan debate | Marca

“It’s been wild to see,” Mahomes said.

“I try to focus in on football as much as possible, but there’s always some conspiracy theories out there.

“I just try to enjoy football, my family and I kind of stay off social media as much as possible.”