According to Tes, a moving expert with moveBuddah, the superstar couple will be living together permanently within a month.

Swift and Kelce have been publicly dating for months now, and experts believe they are on the cusp of taking the next step together.

Taylor Swift posts Super Bowl party TikTok video with Travis Kelce

“Speculation was rife that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had started to share a home together for the long-term in late November, as the singer moved in with her NFL boyfriend for a brief period in the two-month break from The Eras Tour,” Tes said.

“However, this cohabitation was temporary, meaning the major relationship milestone is yet to be reached.

“We expect to see the duo officially move in together before the end of March, as they can take a break from their intense career schedules and shift their attention to more personal priorities.

like a firework show — Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl...

“The relationship is clearly going well, and both parties’ families were pictured together at the Super Bowl, so there’s no reason to believe that things will slow down.”

The experts believe that Swift and Kelce will likely choose either Kelce’s Kansas City mansion or Swift’s estate in Nashville for their residence.

“While we can definitely expect Taylor and Travis to spend some of their impressive combined net worth on a new home in the

“It’s also a benefit for the partners that the properties are close to where both parties feel most comfortable – for Travis, it’s because of his incredible solidarity with the Chiefs, while for Taylor, her Nashville property is in her home town.

El primer beso entre Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce en Año Nuevo que enternece  a las redes | USA | MAG.

“It’s also not likely that either property reminds the duo of their former partners, as Taylor’s Tennessee estate mainly represents her love for her family and birthplace, while Travis’ Kansas mansion is brand new.”

future, it’s likely that they’ll choose to cohabit in one of their existing properties first,” Tes said.

“If the pair moves into one of Travis’s homes, this will probably be the $6 million 17,000 sq. ft Kansas City mansion he bought last year.