Is there anything the Kelce family is not good at? Travis Kelce’s singing talent is no secret to his fans. And his Hollywood debut has added another layer to his ever-growing, impressive resume. As for his brother, Jason Kelce, he came into the spotlight for his quirky dance moves in the post-game celebrations of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory (among other things). But this, however, isn’t about the Kelce brothers. It’s about a particular hidden talent that Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, has!

It came to light on Sunday as Kylie displayed her classy skill in front of a huge St. Patrick’s Day crowd. It all started with a reported prank by the retired athlete who got his wife to reminisce about her roots. He tricked her into Irish dancing by reaching out to the local Irish dancing school, McHugh School of Irish Dance, who performed at The Towne House restaurant in Media, Pennsylvania. As a result, this “wow” moment is gaining attention on the internet. And, understandably so.

Barstool Philly’s official X account shared her dancing video, where she could be seen wearing a green top paired with blue denim and white shoes. A moment on the restaurant’s balcony that Kylie thought was meant only as a meet and greet with the dancers turned into what The Towne House described as “an elite prank.” Initially caught off guard – even giving Jason a stern stare – Kylie Kelce made the most of the opportunity. She took the other dancers’ hands and impressed everyone with her dancing skills.


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Despite her initial hesitation, Kylie’s performance was well-received, and the school even thanked her for making it a memorable night for everyone involved. They posted on Facebook: “As if we didn’t already LOVE Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce… who knew Kylie was also an Irish Dancer?!?! You made this the best night ever for all our dancers.”

As his wife showcased her Irish dancing skills, Jason Kelce met with fans at the restaurant and enjoyed a pint of Guinness. Acknowledging both their presence, the restaurant shared a post on their Instagram account, writing, “Sláinte and thanks to legendary EAGLE Jason Kelce and family (his wife is a helluva Irish dancer, by the way, ☘️) for joining us on this day where we all celebrate the wearing of the green!!!” 


And if you’re wondering how Kylie became a “helluva Irish dancer,” the answer is her distinctly Irish flair.

Is Kylie Kelce from Ireland?

Although the shortest distance between Ireland and Philadelphia is 3,193.51 miles by plane, the flair seen in Kylie Kelce’s Irish dancing form brought together the essence of both places. Little do people know that Kylie has Irish roots! Her maiden name is McDevitt, originating from County Donegal in northwestern Ireland.

Like many children, she learned Irish step dancing when she was young. And they say learning Irish dancing is like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you get the hang of it, the steps will come back to you no matter how much time passes, even though they may get rusty over time.