Shohei Ohtani News: Dodgers star set to address media with public statement detailing Ippei Mizuhara situationShohei Ohtani News: Dodgers star set to address media with public statement detailing Ippei Mizuhara situation

The Shohei Ohtani gambling controversy involving his interpreter Ippei Mizuhara may see some resolution soon. The Japanese superstar is preparing to release a statement regarding the matter very soon.

Per MLB reporter Bob Nightengale, Ohtani is slated to read a prepared statement at 5:45 pm ET. He hopes that it will answer all questions.

Nightengale tweeted:
“Shohei Ohtani is scheduled to read his statement at about 5:45 pm ET in hopes of answering all questions.”

Shohei Ohtani has been largely quiet since the scandal broke and hasn’t made a formal statement yet following his translator getting fired for allegedly stealing $4.5 million from Ohtani to illegally gamble.

The Los Angeles Dodgers fired Muzihara after hearing about the incident. The story did seem to change a bit at first, which is why there was confusion and controversy. The statement from Ohtani should help clear things up.

The initial story was that Ohtani had paid Muzihara to cover the illegal gambling fees, which totaled $4.5 million. That would be illegal as well for an MLB player to do, and the story later indicated that Ohtani had no idea about the gambling, s claimed by Muzihara.

Was Shohei Ohtani gambling?

Ohtani will read a statement on Monday.Ohtani will read a statement on Monday.
Many speculated that Ohtani himself was gambling. The former Los Angeles Angels star would be forbidden from doing so under MLB rules, which is why it would be a massive scandal.

However, it remains unlikely that he was the one gambling. Although the story has changed and brought in confusion, there was never any evidence that the slugger was the one placing any bets or reaping the rewards.

If he covered up the gambling and paid the debts, it would be a different issue, though. That would likely attract a fine or short suspension, but it would hardly bring about the lifetime ban that gambling on games might have.

For now, the story is unclear, but with Ohtani set to speak to the media and read a prepared statement, the details should be more well known soon.