Stephen A Smith Accused of Being “Racist” Over Comments About Mike Trout

Stephen A. Smith with headset onStephen A. Smith (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
The hot take that Stephen A Smith gave on Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout’s knee injury drew a lot of criticism.

Center fielder Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels will be sidelined indefinitely after it was revealed he needed surgery to fix a damaged meniscus. In a First Take comment, Stephen A. expressed confusion about how baseball players sustain injuries.

“How the hell is he always hurt?” Smith yelled. “I don’t understand this. It drives me nuts when I see baseball players get hurt. What is it that you’re doing with yourself physically that you can’t stay healthy playing baseball? Now, you get hit by a pitch or something, that’s different, I get all of that. With these oblique injuries, you’re running around bases, catching one, then you’re running out for a fly ball, and all of a sudden, something gets tweaked. What the hell is going on?”

Former Major League Baseball pitcher and current NESN commentator Jonathan Papelbon launched a lengthy tirade against ESPN’s Stephen A Smith on Thursday during an episode of the internet baseball show Foul Territory.

He compared Smith to the former president Donald Trump, labeled Smith a racist, and claimed Smith had formerly been prohibited from covering several Philadelphia sports teams.

Papelbon brought up an instance from current AL MVP Shohei Ohtani’s Angels days where Stephen A. Smith made fun of Ohtani for his poor command of the English language. In addition, he asserted that because of Smith’s early 2010s usage of the N-word on broadcast, Black sports fans “don’t accept” him.

In addition, Papelbon stated that in the late 2000s, while he was a player for the Phillies and Smith was a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Phillies PR informed him that Smith had been barred from the team’s clubhouse for spying on the manager’s office.

“I’ve always looked at this guy like a complete joke, and really shady,” Papelbon said. “When you get kicked out of a major league clubhouse, you should never be able to be a journalist ever again.”

“This guy is more narcissistic than Donald Trump,” Papelbon said. “You’re talking about one of the most narcissistic people you could come across, transcribed via NY Post.”

Throughout the course of the last three MLB seasons, Trout has missed a total of 249 games due to injuries. With a contract that expires in 2030, he is making $35.5 million annually, so the Angels have not been receiving much value for their money the last several years on top of the team not being a contender to get into the playoffs regularly.

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Although Trout’s inability to maintain his health has angered many Angels supporters, non-contact injuries occur in many sports.

Stephen A. Smith Forced To Apologize Over Remarks On Black People Supporting Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to controversy and is not usually a man who apologizes for the things that come out of his mouth.

Last month, he found himself apologizing as he took accountability for seemingly supporting Trump for President on behalf of Black people.

Smith’s appearance on Hannity in mid-April caused him to go viral. He was questioned there regarding the link between Black America and Trump as well as the emotions of Black Trump’s fans amid his trial.

He stated Black folks can relate to Trump “being discriminated against,” Smith clarified. The Black community was outraged by the remarks.