Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are viewed as America’s dream couple by many, but not everyone is happy about it.

While many have accepted that these media darlings will be plastered on television from now until the next season, some on social media are tired of the constant showboating of their love. Moreover, they are tired of mainstream media trying to merge their relationship into certain sacred cows in areas of Black culture.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Face Backlash After Media Outlet Creates 'Love  & Basketball' Mock Poster Featuring the Couple as 'Love & Lombardi'

First, it was the pop singer “Swag Surfin’” during a football game a few weeks ago.

Then it was Kelce dancing to the Beastie Boys’ “You Gotta Fight For Your Right” at the top of the 2024 Super Bowl and being credited with popularizing the “Fade” haircut.

Now, it’s for the reimagining of the movie art for the cult classic film, “Love & Basketball,” by the sports outlet Overtime.

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The original poster features actors Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps embracing a kiss while holding up a basketball. Their characters in the 2000 romantic drama film, Monica Wright and Quincy “Que” McCall, were childhood friends who both grew up as ballers and eventually fell in love.

In the new image floating around the internet, Swift is superimposed in her boyfriend’s arms, and the two are lifting the Lombardi trophy over their head. Cleverly, the artist titled the image as “Love & Lombardi.”

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The meme was just too much for people who exploded with outrage when The Neighborhood Watch posted it on its Instagram profile. The tone of the comments asked one question, particularly during February: “How much disrespect is the culture supposed to take?”