Taylor Swift Reportedly Had Kanye West Kicked Out Of Allegiant Stadium During Super Bowl 58 (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift is rumored to have made a call that got a multiple Grammy Award winner kicked out of the Super Bowl.

Swift was shown on television several times during Sunday’s game and was surrounded by some of the biggest names in entertainment. According to former NFL star Brandon Marshall, who claims to have gotten inside information, Kanye West would have been in the vicinity as he bought a ticket that would have put him right in front of her booth.


Such an arrangement would have gotten Kanye on camera every time Taylor was shown but it’s understood that she wasn’t happy with the idea and made a call to have him booted out of the stadium.
“He’s got a mask on with his logo on the mask — typical Kanye,” Marshall said on the ‘Paper Route Show’. “Taylor Swift gets pissed off, she boom boom makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out the stadium! He was trying to leverage her celebrity … That’s what he tried to do; he tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift.”

This claim is quite thin, however. The rapper was at the Allegiant Stadium for most of the night and shared a box with Ty Dolla Sign and Anderson .Paak.

He would have been making some noise by now had he gotten kicked out of a game he paid good money to see. We will have to treat this as just a rumor for now.