Swift took her ‘Eras Tour’ to Australia for 3 nights

Taylor Swift sported her Super Bowl champions hat in honor of her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, while traveling to Sydney, Australia for “The Eras Tour.”

Swift, 34, wore a red shirt and accessorized with the hat while boarding her plane Sunday. The pop star also donned her customized “TNT” tennis bracelet – another nod to Kelce. He designed the bracelet for Swift and also wears his own version.

Swift was first photographed wearing the Super Bowl hat after the Kansas City Chiefs won the big game on Feb. 11. Shortly after the celebrations, Swift traveled to Australia to resume her “Eras Tour.”

The “Midnights” singer performed three concerts in Melbourne before traveling to Sydney. She will take the stage four nights in a row at the Accor Stadium before heading to Singapore. Swift’s next extended break on “The Eras Tour” will not come until mid-March, before she heads to France in May. It is unclear if Kelce has any plans to visit Swift while she is touring during his off-season.


Taylor Swift wears a Super Bowl hatTaylor Swift holds on to Travis Kelce as they walk on the field

Swift surprised fans during the Melbourne tour stop by announcing she was removing her self-imposed rules for the acoustic set of the tour. At the beginning of “The Eras Tour,” the 34-year-old musician challenged herself to not repeat any songs during the surprise set.

“That was to challenge me to really get to all the ones that I just don’t naturally gravitate towards, and I feel really proud about having done that,” Swift told the crowd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

“But this is sort of a public service announcement to everyone who might be anywhere else on the tour, or whatever, or watching this – we have a lot of people, we’re very lucky to have a lot of people watch this on the internet and care about these shows if they’re not here.”

Taylor Swift performs Midnights in Melbourne

Toward the end of her nearly four-hour show, Swift chooses two songs that do not live on her 44-song set list. She plays one on her guitar and another on the piano.

The singer-songwriter only has a handful of songs left from each of her 10 albums that she has not played live on “The Eras Tour,” but now she has decided to change the rules.

“I’ve just been kind of rethinking, and I’ve been thinking I want to be as creative as possible with the acoustic set moving forward, and I don’t want to limit anything or say, ‘If I played this song, I can’t play it again,'” Swift said.

“So, from now on, I don’t want to take any paint colors out of the paintbox or tools out of the toolbox,” she continued. “I want to be able to play songs more than once if I feel like it and I want to be able to make changes to songs. Does that sound OK?”

Taylor Swift does a hand heart in Australia


Taylor Swift waves at the crowd in Melbourne

Swift went on to play a mashup of “Come Back…Be Here” and “Daylight.”

The surprise mashup was not her first. Swift also played a mashup of “Getaway Car,” “August” and “The Other Side of the Door” in Melbourne. She played her first mashup in Argentina, where she combined the songs “Is It Over Now?” and “Out of the Woods.”

Fans have joked that Swift is changing the rules of her surprise song set so that she does not have to play her song “London Boy,” which is assumed to be about her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

“She said ‘I’m not playing London boy and you can’t make me,” one user commented on TikTok.

“London Boy is never getting its moment and we all must be okay with that,” another added.

Taylor Swift in a yellow dress