Taylor Swift Travis Still On My Mind Down Undah … Rocks Chiefs Swag, ‘TNT’ Bracelet In Australia

Taylor Swift seen for the first time in public, since starting her The Eras tour in Australia

Taylor Swift might be some 9,000 miles away from Travis Kelce at the moment … but he’s still clearly on her mind — as her Sunday outfit featured a whole lot of homages to the Chiefs star.

The “Cruel Summer” hitmaker appeared at a Melbourne, Australia airport following her most recent batch of “Eras” tour stops … and as she boarded a private jet to take her to her next group of shows in Sydney, she was seen decked out in Kelce tributes.

Taylor Swift Performing in Melbourne
On her head was a Super Bowl champions hat that Kansas City officials had given to her following Kelce’s big win over the 49ers in Las Vegas earlier this month. On her wrist, she wore the Taylor ‘N Travis “TNT” bracelet she had made ahead of Kelce’s AFC Championship Game last month.

taylor swift

So far, Kelce hasn’t made it down undah to return the support — he was just spotted out grabbing lunch in K.C. on Sunday — although there’s still plenty of time for him to head out to cheer her on.

Swift is slated to play four shows at Accor Stadium beginning Friday night and ending Monday. She’ll then head to Singapore to kick off March — and with Kelce free of NFL obligations for the time being, many have assumed he’ll board a plane sooner rather than later.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce -- Kissing After Super Bowl LVIII Win

Of course, it’s been an emotional past few days, to say the least for the 34-year-old tight end … after experiencing the highest high of winning the Big Game in Sin City, several people sustained gunshot wounds while celebrating the feat at his SB parade. To make matters tougher, Kelce caught backlash for appearing at a party just hours after the tragedy.

He and Taylor, though, both donated thousands to shooting victims late last week … proving it’s all very much been on their minds — even if they’ve been apart for nearly a week now.