Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B — it’s the drama that just won’t quit, and I hate to tell you, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

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You’ll have definitely heard the story by now — a feud between the two rappers has been simmering for a while, and it finally came to a head at New York Fashion Week when an altercation broke out, leading to Cardi B being escorted from a party barefoot and with a lump on her head.


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Since then, both Nicki and Cardi have been taking shots at each other but things seemed to have died down a little. Well, until recently anyway. Oh Christ, where do we start…

So, both Cardi and Nicki were living their best lives around the world at various fashion events recently, with Nicki hitting up Milan and Dubai…

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While Cardi made pit stops in Milan and Paris.



Then Cardi got the news that her song with Maroon 5 had hit the top spot on the American charts, making her the first female rap artist to score three number one singles.

This led to Cardi jumping on Instagram live to clapback at the people who said she was over after the NYFW altercation.

And she also posted a video to Instagram that was captioned “stop finding excuses for my success”, which seemed like a thinly veiled dig at Nicki who claimed Cardi “has built her career off of sympathy and payola”.

Meanwhile, Nicki began hinting that she was returning with her Queen Radio show, calling it a “VITAL” episode.

And when Nicki asked her fans to guess who she would give the “cock sucker of the day” award to, there only seemed to be one name on everybody’s lips, and it wasn’t Cardi…


So, who’s Jason Lee? I did some digging and it turns out Jason is the CEO of pop culture blog, Hollywood Unlocked, and he appears to be pretty good friends with Cardi and her sister Hennessy.

A little more digging on the timeline showed that Nicki’s fans really don’t seem to like Jason, accusing him of slighting Nicki in order to raise Cardi’s profile.

Jason denies this, saying: “Me and Cardi have never sat up and plotted against Nicki Minaj … We don’t talk about Nicki Minaj, that’s not our relationship.”

All of this rooting around led me to Jason’s Hollywood Unlocked show, where in a recent episode he opened a can of worms by making some pretty bold allegations against Nicki.

He started by talking about the fight at NYFW, saying that Cardi had told him before the event that “she was gonna whoop Nicki Minaj’s ass”.

In the video, Jason made some very specific allegations about what happened at the party and said Nicki’s camp were involved in the incident that caused a bruise on Cardi’s forehead.

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Things then got awkward because Jason actually bumped into Nicki at the Marc Jacobs show during NYFW, where they both sat in the front row. According to Jason, Nicki gave him “a really dirty look” when she made her entrance, and then sat with her back to him for the show.

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But that wasn’t all! Jason then appeared to back up Cardi’s claim that Nicki is trying to stop her money, alleging that Nicki told rapper Future that if he featured on a song with Cardi, she wouldn’t go on tour with him.

Nicki and Future announced a joint tour a while back, which is set to kick off in 2019.

But although Jason claimed that Future was originally on the song “Drip” instead of Migos and bailed to please Nicki, Future denied the whole thing, saying he said no from the beginning.

And Nicki appears to be mocking the claim that she’s stopping anybody’s money, liking a bunch of sarcastic tweets from fans.

With an episode of Nicki’s Queen Radio show imminent, it looks like this drama doesn’t have an end in sight.

BuzzFeed has contacted representatives of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj for comment but none was received by the time of publication.


Popular American rapper Cardi B spark buzz on the internet after she mistakenly shows her kpekus while on Instagram live session.

The mother of one Cardi B while playing games with 169 million followers on Instagram live session, mistakenly shows her Kpomo on the camera.

Fans quickly reacts after the notice the female celebrity forget to wear her p@nties and mistakenly shows her kpomo on camera.

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@its.cassie_mimi said –‘’the live was so interesting and funny last night but showing her kini is not advisable’’.

@Mk_tk4 said –‘’she forget to wear her pant’’.

@Marco_exchange said –‘’if na naija celebrity now na once una go post am well’’.

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Cardi B was ‘rebellioυs’ when she showed off her υnderwear with a see-throυgh oυtfit

TPO – Cardi B appeared at Paris Fashion Week on Janυary 17 wearing a bold see-throυgh oυtfit.

The faмoυs and rebellioυs feмale rapper attended designer Offset’s Laυndered Works Corp show within the fraмework of Paris Fashion Week in France with a bold style showing off her body.

She wore a see-throυgh oυtfit, revealing her υnderwear and showing off her hot, tight bυst.

The beaυty was paired with her hυsband Migos Offset at the event. Before attending the fashion show, the feмale rapper born in 1992 shared a video on her Instagraм story wearing this see-throυgh oυtfit in front of the мirror, posing to show off her ℯy cυrves. eye-catching” Cardi B is jυst the stage naмe of the Aмerican singer.

Her real naмe is Belcalis Alмanzar. Recently sharing with the press, the owner of the hit “I Like It” adмitted to having had breast cosмetic sυrgery.

According to Cardi B, giving birth caυsed her bυst to sag, forcing her to “restore” to look мore ℯy and confident. Cardi B and Migos Offset’s daυghter Kυltυre is now over 1 year old.

When her daυghter was only 6 мonths old, Cardi B annoυnced that she had divorced Offset, bυt the coυple reυnited not long after.


What is the most scandalous thing Lady Gaga ever did on stage?

In 2013 Lady Gaga surprised everyone when she completely stripped herself in front of her audience while performing on stage.

She was performing her song, Venus, at the G-A-Y nightclub in London, and she was wearing a white flowing gown with a white thong underneath. The performance started normally and everyone there was singing along when she started lifting the gown to show the thong:

Seeing that the audience was loving it and cheering her for it she lowered the thong and flashed her privates, making everyone cheer even louder.

As she ended the song she turned away from the crowd and started removing the gown, followed by her thong and walked off the stage with her arms up and no clothes on:

After the pictures and videos of the concert were released online her fans became divided by the performance, with many applauding her for her inspiring body positivity and others being repulsed by seeing her do this in public and in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Lady Gaga, being who she is, loved the backlash and soon enough did that and many more scandalous things in the following years.

For many singers, performing the U.S. national anthem can be difficult. Its wide range makes the song notoriously hard to perform, even for a singer of Lady Gaga’s caliber. She sang the national anthem during the 2021 inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Many fans praised Gaga’s efforts, noting she sang the song beautifully.

When She ‘Delivered’ A Baby During The Saturday Night Live

In 2011, Lady Gaga caused quite the uproar for her Saturday Night Live performance, as she delivered gold liquids with a crucifix out of her body. The then 25-year-old singer took the stage to promote her latest album, Born This Way, and it worked because the dance-pop album went platinum during its very first week.

When She Pulled Up With A Meat Dress At The 2010 MTV VMAs

Who could forget Lady Gaga and that meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? She delivered a major fashion statement during the show. Lady Gaga dominated the night with eight different VMA wins. She was inspired to replicate the costume during her “Born This Way Ball” world tour.

Maybe this one.

This one?

Lady Gaga born Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta of Italian descent is a unique chameleon. She is a typical Narcissistic Exhibitionist but what’s going for her is, she has the looks and God given talent of a Quadruple threat. In acting (Oscar and nominated in all major acting awards from the movie The Star is Born with Bradley Cooper.) She claimed she really wanted to be an actress first but she didn’t succeed because of her looks she stated in one of these interviews and it’s the Singing that got her first in the Entertainment industry.

She entered the music scene with Just Dance.

The song and video of “Poker Face” was the game changer for everyone. She was only 21 when she was thrust into the world’s consciousness. This song has reached number one in more than 100 countries.

Her Singing garnered her ( Multiple awards Grammy and other award giving bodies) Dancing ((Watch her concerts and videos) and Songwriting. She used her entrance in the entertainment industry in a lot of gimmicks and scandalous ways that’s why she is very popular and successful in any genre she decides to go to.