How would the genteel women respond?

Jonathan Bailey, who portrays Anthony Bridgerton (aka “Capital R. Rake”) on “Bridgerton,” recently discussed a really embarrassing wardrobe mishap that happened during Season 2 production.

When asked if there had been any bloopers on set, the actor informed media members that “there were multiple moments” at a press event for the new season of the blockbuster historical drama, which releases on Netflix Friday.

Bailey, 33, said that the issues were brought about by the fencing routine.

Unfortunately, our fencing suits were too snug in a few spots, and we had to wear plimsolls on the damp grass that morning. While attempting my last lunge with Benedict, I tore my crotch, and the whole incident was captured on video.

The former “Broadchurch” star and British actor claimed he came out of the ordeal looking embarrassed.

“Forgetting for a second that you’re being recorded by four hundred cameras made me yell out, ‘This is so embarrassing”.

They managed to hide the event, thankfully, thanks to their filmmaking expertise.

According to him, “it’s never quite as slick as you think,” meaning that there are many obstacles to overcome. “The editing capabilities are truly remarkable.”

“Obviously the costumes were incredible across the board and, as men, we are not going to complain about restrictive clothing when we are sat with women who wear corsets,” Bailey said, referring to the series’ stunning period gear.

Although he is now appearing in the West End production of “Cock,” the actor from “Bridgerton” wasn’t the only one who had wardrobe malfunctions with corsets.

In a recent interview, Simone Ashley—who plays Bailey’s romantic interest Kate Sharma in the next season—discussed the discomfort of wearing the traditional underwear.

“I realized when you wear the corset, you just don’t eat,” she told Glamour UK, adding that she must have been unwell after having a massive lunch. The way your body is affected.

Season 2 of Bridgerton will be available on Netflix on March 25. We will be closely observing that fencing scene. The Regency fashions are magnificent, but they can be brutal.