In a recent interview with American football player Travis Kelce, he revealed his desire to marry popular singer Taylor Swift. Kelce, who currently plays as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, expressed his admiration for Swift, praising her talent, beauty, and success. Despite never having met her personally, Kelce stated that he has been a longtime fan of Swift and would love to have her as his wife.

Kelce’s affection for the artist has been well-documented, with the football player often sharing his admiration for Swift on social media. He described her music as powerful and relatable, noting that her songs resonate deeply with him. Kelce also expressed his appreciation for Swift’s ability to constantly reinvent herself and produce hit after hit throughout her career.


While some may dismiss his infatuation with Swift as mere celebrity crush, Kelce is determined to see it through. He hopes to one day meet Swift and build a connection with her, and eventually fulfill his dream of marrying her. Although it remains to be seen if Kelce’s wish will come true, his unwavering admiration for Swift is undeniable.


In conclusion, Travis Kelce, in an interview, expressed his desire to marry Taylor Swift, citing his long-standing admiration for the singer’s talent and success. Despite not having met her personally, Kelce has been an avid fan of Swift and hopes to build a connection with her in the future. Whether or not this dream will become a reality remains uncertain, but Kelce’s infatuation with Swift is evident.


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