Coming off of the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win on Sunday, “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin said Monday that she’s not convinced tight end Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are meant for the long haul, noting that the NFL star has too much “swag” for the singer.

The hosts opened Monday’s installment of “The View” by walking out to “Yeah” by Usher, who performed Sunday’s halftime show, and diving into their analysis of Super Bowl LVIII. Whoopi Goldberg soon segued into a discussion of highlights from the actual game, and Hostin chimed in with her take on Kelce’s performance, which wasn’t “his best.”

Sunny Hostin says Super Bowl move proves Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ' won't work out' - The Mirror US

“I’m surprised so many people are focusing in on Kelce because he didn’t have his best game,” Hostin said. “He was screaming at his coach.”

The cohost also weighed in on the athlete’s flashy, shimmery suit that he entered the stadium wearing, saying, “I will tell you, after seeing the outfit that he walked in with — I don’t know. I’m going to say, I don’t think this Taylor Swift-Kelce thing is going to work. A man who wears that outfit. That outfit showed a lot of swag. That was a-lot-of-swag outfit. I’m not sure the two match. That’s all I’m saying.”

The View': Sunny Hostin Predicts Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Won't Last  Because the NFL Star Has Too Much 'Swag' | Video

Ana Navarro pointed out that Hostin’s dress looked a lot like the suit Kelce wore, which to Swifties, probably looked reputation-coded because it was black and sparkly. Swift was seen donning the jacket at the afterparty.

Goldberg also listed Kelce’s altercation with the Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

“A lot of eyes were trained on Chiefs star player Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Taylor Swift from his tense exchange with coach Andy Reid to Travis and Taylor celebrating on the sidelines after the win — so much going on.”

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Sara Haines emphasized Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ performance.

“That guy is going down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He literally thrives under pressure,” Haines said. “How many people can say that? I can promise you, I do not.”

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Hostin, whose son played football, stressed the quarterback position as one of leadership.

Watch the full Super Bowl breakdown from Monday’s “The View” in the video above.