According to Page Six, this couple initially planned to get engaged in the winter of 2023 but decided to postpone, preferring not to rush things. Sources from the publication affirm, “Taylor Swift and Travis have had discussions about this matter and have a specific plan in mind. There’s speculation that they will be engaged in July 2024, after a year of being together.”

The anticipation builds as Taylor Swift and Travis deliberate over the timing of their engagement, opting for a thoughtful approach rather than hastiness. Sources close to the couple reveal, “Taylor and Travis have had heartfelt conversations and devised a concrete plan. Rumors suggest they’re eyeing July 2024 for their engagement, marking a year of togetherness.”

Taylor Swift công khai khóa môi bạn trai cầu thủ

According to some leaked information circulating on social media, Travis Kelce took the courageous step of seeking Taylor Swift’s father’s blessing before proposing to her. Mr. Scott Swift, the father of the renowned singer, not only granted his approval but also extended wholehearted support to Travis Kelce’s intentions.

In a move that speaks volumes about his respect and commitment, Travis Kelce sought the blessing of Taylor Swift’s father, Mr. Scott Swift, before embarking on a journey to propose to her. Sources suggest that not only did Mr. Swift give his blessing, but he also expressed genuine support for Travis Kelce’s heartfelt intentions.

Travis Kelce Says Being Around Taylor Swift's Intelligence Is “F—ing  Mind-Blowing”

Since publicly acknowledging their relationship in September 2023, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become a hot topic, seen together at various events ranging from Taylor’s concerts to Travis’s football games.

It’s been revealed that Travis Kelce took the initiative to connect with Taylor Swift initially. Attending one of her concerts, he left his phone number on a wristband at the event in hopes of catching her attention, a move that ultimately led to their correspondence after he shared the story on a podcast.

Among Taylor’s circle of friends, many have voiced their support and well-wishes for the couple. Even Taylor’s ex-boyfriend and current friend, actor Taylor Lautner, has expressed his support for the “I Can See You” singer, stating, “They seem incredibly happy… As long as she’s happy, I’m happy too.”

The unfolding romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has captivated fans and media alike, with their story serving as a beacon of love and happiness in the public eye.