Will Levis without his helmet on and Gia Duddy posing for the camera.

Will Levis and Gia Duddy (Photos via Getty & @giaduddy/Instagram)
Sometimes, becoming an NFL Superstar isn’t as easy as many fans seem to think it is if you’re a top NFL Draft prospect, and unfortunately, Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis knows too much about this.

The young Titans gun slinger broke up with his girlfriend of three years in February. The two were obviously a higher-profile couple due to Levis’ notoriety as a top-tier NFL prospect who would eventually be drafted in the second round.

Not all publicity is good publicity, though, as an unfortunate and embarrassing turn of events has transpired recently as Levis and his ex-girlfriend, Gia Duddy, have reportedly had a sex tape leak, according to NFL insider Dov Kleiman.

In a now-deleted X post breaking the news, Kleiman captioned the post, “Awful: Titans QB Will Levis and ex-girlfriend Gia Duddy’s s*x tape was allegedly leaked.” Kleiman made sure to point out that the distribution of the video is very illegal.

While Levis may have experienced some off-the-field adversity through his draft selection and now this, it seems promising that the 24-year-old quarterback will be the Tennessee Titans’ starter in 2024 after the team did not resign former number one guy Ryan Tannehill.

After gaining over 1,800 yards and eight touchdowns in the nine games he appeared in throughout 2023, the Titans seem to have a future star in the young gun-slinger who will most likely remain in Tennessee for years to come!