The uncle laughed about the showdown between his brother’s two older girls that he got to witness at a family gathering.

Jason Kelce’s little girls got all fired up thanks to a fun gift from Grandpa.

On the latest episode of the newly retired NFL star’s New Heights podcast with brother Travis Kelce, the two talked about another special family gathering that took place before the beloved Philadelphia Eagles center’s big announcement.

The family gathered to celebrate Jason’s daughter Elliotte’s third birthday, with the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end recalling a funny scene he watched unfold between the birthday girl and big sister Wyatt, 4.

“One of Ellie’s birthday gifts was airplane guns. It was foam airplanes that you put on top of a gun and you shoot it,” Travis explained.

“When I tell you, the girls were going nuts,” he laughed, telling Jason, “It started off with Grandpa and Dad in the yard saying, ‘Hey, if you guys can hit me, you get like a popsicle’ or something.’”

Both girls were firing at Ed Kelce until, satisfied with their reaction, he rejoined some of the adults inside.

“But then it turns into whoever’s in the yard is the target, right? Little Elliotte, on her birthday, runs down there to go retrieve her planes to come back and do it again, and sure enough Wyatt was locked and loaded.”