He’s free to travel after finishing his football season

Travis Kelce takes his reunion with Taylor Swift in his stride and fans are already thinking about where they'll meet up

Travis Kelce‘s Super Bowl LVIII 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers with the Kansas City Chiefs has offered multiple benefits alongside becoming a three-time NFL champion and one of the main ones is that he’s now free to meet up with his international popstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift, as she is currently on tour in Eurasia.

In the early stages of the relationship, whilst Kelce had weekly commitments with the Chiefs in the season, Swift did most of the jetting to and from places including for the final game of the season at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada just hours after she performed in Tokyo, Japan.

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Travis Kelce had one question for Taylor Swift when he saw her after Super Bowl

It apparently took a toll on their relationship and resulted in their first fight but they managed to navigate it and seemingly came to an agreement that Kelce would make up his flight hours when his Chiefs‘ commitments expire and now they have, leaving fans wondering just when will they meet up again?

Where might they meet?

The legendary tight end himself is aware of the pondering and teasingly dropped a couple of hints that he could join his girlfriend imminently whilst she’s in Australia as she performs in Melbourne and Sydney.

During his New Heights podcast, he said he would “venture to an island real soon”, with the best ones being south of the United States in his view. This could be a clear alluding to Australia, and more specifically Sydney,

But it could also reference Singapore where Swift will perform from March 2-9, which is an island between China and Australia, located roughly adjacent to Indonesia with the pair being separated by a thin stretch of water.

Further adding evidence to this theory is that the next episode of the New Heights podcast he shares with his brother is pre-recorded and is a guest episode during which he doesn’t feature, thus leading fans to believe he will not be in the US suggesting Sydney or Singapore.

Is his departure imminent?

The NFL star headed out to his favored restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, where he is a regular. The joint called Rye is also enjoyed by Swift and he is said to enjoy the cinnamon roll in particular.

And that’s where Kelce was spotted on February 17 (Saturday), perhaps enjoying his last supper before heading out to join Swift in Asia thus putting a cool few thousand miles between himself and the food place for a while.