Ump Show: Angel Hernandez in midseason form ejecting Lance Lynn, Oli Marmol in spring training

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The St. Louis Cardinals faithful and, really, any MLB fanbase just groans and then holds their breath whenever infamous umpire Angel Hernandez is on the field. That’s only turned up further whenever he’s got the gear on behind the dish.

If there’s one time where maybe, possibly, hopefully, Hernandez would tone it down even just a bit, though, one would think it would be spring training when it’s more about reps and gelling than anything. Of course, that would be a wrong assumption, which the much-maligned umpire proved on Friday in the Cardinals’ matchup against the Washington Nationals.

In the bottom of the third inning with veteran Cardinals newcomer Lance Lynn on the hill, the right-hander kicked the ground after a called ball by Hernandez. One pitch later, the umpire gave the free agent signing the hook. Even worse, he later ejected Lynn from the bullpen too as the veteran was trying to get some more reps in.

Ump Show: Angel Hernandez gets in midseason form with Cardinals spring training ejections

Lynn broke down what happened in the exchange that led to his ejection to beat writer John Denton.

“He started chirping at the (Cards) dugout and I told him, ‘They know it was a strike,'” Lynn said. “He told me, ‘Let’s go!’ And I told him, ‘I have five seconds on the pitch clock and I’ll start whenever I feel like it.'”

Lynn said that, after the next pitch, he told Hernandez, “There’s a strike”, which ultimately got him the hook. Cardinals manager Oli Marmol was also ejected from the game by Hernandez.

Look, when Angel Hernandez is behind the plate, players and managers know that things could be quite heated pretty quickly and, to some degree, just doing everything possible to keep your cool is the best practice. But at the same time, Hernandez needs to dial it back — fat chance of that happening, but still.

This is spring training. Guys are trying to earn roster spots or work their way into regular-season shape. It’s not that serious and certainly not serious enough for this from the umpire. It’s one thing to toss a player from the game for arguing calls. It’s far more unacceptable to then kick him out of the bullpen and go on an unfortunately trademark power trip for Hernandez.