VIDEO: Brother Of Female LSU Basketball Star Jumped Onto Court During Heated Brawl With South Carolina

Fight between LSU and South Carolina
LSU’s SEC Championship loss to South Carolina was not without incident as a heated brawl ensued between the two sides and on Sunday even managed to get the brother of one of the players to rush the court.

The fight caused a long delay, with multiple players from both teams getting tossed.

With things heating up on the floor, a male was seen vaulting the scorer’s table in an attempt to involve himself. The ESPN broadcast crew claimed he’s LSU guard Flau’jae Johnson’s brother.

ESPN also reported he was escorted out of the arena in handcuffs.

Check it out below:

The melee started after Johnson fouled MiLaysia Fulwiley during a fast break, she also hit Alshlyn Watkins with an elbow before Kamilla Cardoso sent her sprawling.

Cardoso was ejected from the game and will miss South Carolina’s first-round NCAA tournament fixture. She is believed to be the only player to be disqualified from a March Madness game.

Johnson was hit with an intentional foul but was not ejected.