VIDEO: Cameras Caυght Aпgel Reese Freakiпg Oυt Oп Atlaпta Dream’s Naz Hillmoп Dυriпg Heated Altercatioп: ‘What the F* is Wroпg With Yoυ?’

Angel Reese and Naz Hillmon (Image Source: Twitter/Atlanta Dream)

Chicago Sky Sky’s Angel Reese was again at the center of on-court drama as she got involved in a heated altercation with Naz Hillmon during Chicago Sky Sky’s 89-80 loss to the Atlanta Dream on Saturday.

The incident happened late in the fourth quarter. With the Dream leading 78-75 and the game hanging in the balance. Hillmon blocked a shot attempt by Reese near the basket. Both star players exchanged heated words, with Reese reportedly yelling ‘What the F” is Wrong With You?”.

The frustration was evident on Reese’s face as she turned away, while Hillmon seemed to respond with a celebratory gesture.

Notably, this is not the first time that Reese has been involved in on-court controversy. Last week the young WNBA sensation was ejected from Sky’s game against the New York Liberty for waiving off the referee for a call she didn’t like
“It’s Tough”- Angel Reese Disappointed After Sky’s Loss

Despite the heated drama. Reese had a good game scoring 13 points and adding 13 rebounds. Meanwhile. Hillmon finished with eight points, as Dream registered a comfortable win

“Yeah, it’s tough, It’s tough because I hate losing, and I try to go out there every night and try to be as consistent as I can”, Reese said after the game.

“I think having consistency one through 12 is important from the jump ball to the end. it’s not the coaches or the other team, it’s us”, she added.

Chicago Sky Sky will next face the Connecticut Suns on June 12 at Wintrust Arena in Chicago.