VIDEO: Chiefs First-Round Pick Xavier Worthy Couldn’t Hide His Disgust After Visiting The Team’s Awful Facility For The First Time

Xavier Worthy at Chiefs facilities

Xavier Worthy (Photo via @Chiefs/Twitter)
Fans couldn’t believe the Kansas City Chiefs were able to snatch speedy wide receiver Xavier Worthy in the first round of the NFL Draft. And it appears he can’t believe how outdated their facilities are.

The former Texas Longhorns wideout arrived at the team’s Missouri headquarters on Friday and seemed unimpressed while taking it in.

The Chiefs are the best team in football right now, having won back-to-back Super Bowls. However, their facilities are considered the worst in the league, as players from the 2023 team gave owner Clark Hunt an F in the NFLPA’s annual team report cards due to his failure to upgrade the surroundings.

The team also ranked 31 out of the NFL’s 32 teams for working conditions and environments.

While Worthy is excited to play for the Chiefs, especially because he’ll be working with a world-class coach and quarterback, he showed no excitement while taking a look at look at the facilities.

Check him out below:

It’s crazy because I think Texas facilities are better than the chiefs and he’s looking at it like that!” one fan observed.

How do the Longhorns have a nicer locker room than the champs?” another asked.

You can see some more reactions here:

Xavier Worthy Is Used To A Lot Better

Xavier Worthy might have expected the Chiefs to have a better setup than Texas, and who could blame him?

Here’s a look at the Longhorns’ facilities:

Defensive tackle Chris Jones was among the Chiefs players who praised the Las Vegas Raiders’ facilities while there for the Super Bowl, which must have been a dig at his own team.

Hunt has since responded to the cries, promising to invest in the team’s workspace. But it’s understood that he’s said that before and did nothing.