Logan Paul and Patrick Mahomes interact during WWE’s Monday Night Raw

Logan Paul and Patrick Mahomes (Photo via WWE)

Logan Paul is one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE and is also considered one of the best heels ever. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, having won three Super Bowls, two of which came in the last year two seasons.

Along with those Super Bowl championships comes some hardware, including some nice Super Bowl rings, which means the Chiefs’ quarterback has three rings he can show off whenever he pleases, and he just did that WWE Monday Night Raw.

Logan Paul is known for using brass knuckles to his advantage to win matches, and that has evidently not changed. However, there was a little modification this time when Paul went over to Patrick Mahomes, sat in the front row of the event in Kansas City, and borrowed his Super Bowl rings.

Pat McAfee posted to X with a clip of Paul using the rings to try to take out Jey Uso but missing hitting JD McDonagh. McAfee captioned the post, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” tagging Patrick Mahomes as he was obviously surprised by the move.

Could Patrick Mahomes Be The Next Heel In The WWE?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was quick to quote tweet McAfee’s post. Schefter had a little fun joking that there was a “new use for Super Bowl rings,” poking fun at Paul and Mohomes’ gimmick during the Monday Night Raw.

You may be wondering why on earth the face of the NFL and the current raining Super Bowl champion quarterback would help one of the most hated wrestlers in the WWE. The All-Star quarterback signed a deal with Paul and his business partner KSI to become a PRIME athlete.

Patrick Mahomes is a PRIME athlete sponsored by Logan Paul and KSI’s hydration beverage, PRIME. The company has even treated Mahomes to special treatment, including a diamond chain and his own themed bottle.

After something as viral as Patrick Mahomes handing his Super Bowl rings to Logan Paul, we shouldn’t count out another Mahomes appearance in the WWE universe yet!