After going viral for ripping his shirt off while celebrating his brother Travis Kelce’s touchdown at the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills, Jason Kelce ripped his shirt off again—more than once—in celebration of something that people everywhere can enjoy: chicken wing dip.

While starring in Frank RedHot’s new Super Bowl commercial, Jason puts his shirt-ripping talent to the test to share the chicken wing dip recipe with everyone in “Kelce’s Kitchen,” which we hope becomes a real show someday.

The 36-year-old dictates the step-by-step recipe, with each direction printed on a new t-shirt that Jason rips off as he goes. He has trouble with one shirt in the clip, saying, “Oo, that one was a little harder, but I got it!”

Jason is also the star of another Frank RedHot’s clip talking about how much he loves the sauce—so much so, that he puts it on everything, including cookies, chips and yogurt.

As part of the brand’s promotion, Frank RedHot’s invited fans to share photos during the Super Bowl of themselves following Jason’s example and putting Frank RedHot’s on their favorite foods, earning them the chance to win a $1,000 cash prize, with the brand giving out 58 in total. You just have to post your photo on Instagram on game day and tag @FranksRedHot and #FranksSweepstakes for a chance to win.

Everyone knows I love hot sauce,” said Jason. “Like me, Frank’s RedHot doesn’t take itself too seriously. This partnership is about having fun with flavor and heat; I’m excited to put that $#!t on everything, and for fans to do the same. From wings to candy, let’s turn up the heat for the Big Game!”

Fans of Jason will enjoy his new Super Bowl commercial that plays on his past viral moment, and the Philadelphia Eagles player is sure to bring the same intense energy to the NFL Super Bowl LVIII.