Jason Kelce tricked Kylie Kelce into Irish dancing on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. She never saw it coming.

Despite her initial embarrassment, the future Pro Football Hall of Famer’s wife absolutely crushed it!

Kylie is of Irish descent. Her maiden name is McDevitt, which originated in County Donegal in the northwest part of Ireland. As a result, much like many young girls with ties to the Emerald Isle, she took Irish step dancing lessons throughout her childhood.

And if you know any one who grew up Irish dancing, you know that they never forget the steps!

It gets rusty with time, as with anything, but they can always pick back up right where they left off. Kylie’s performance on Saturday in Philadelphia is the perfect example.

She and and her husband pulled up to The Towne House pub and restaurant in Media, Pennsylvania to celebrate the holiday with a few pints of Guinness. Of course, Jason brought the famous gold cup (and lots of buzz among Eagles fans) with him!

Wherever the Kelces go, shenanigans often follow. Saturday was not the exception!

Kylie Kelce was called up to the balcony alongside a troupe of Irish dancers. They took a short moment to give her the acknowledgement she deserves, and that was supposed to be it.

Jason Kelce had other plans!

He got the D.J. to play one of the songs that Kylie knows. The troupe immediately recruited her to join them for a short step number, which left her a bit red in the face at first.

Being the trooper that she is, Kylie performed with a smile on her face to the delight of the crowd below!

Kylie looked over toward Jason with a side-eye that spoke much louder than words but it did not stop her from cutting a rug. It was awesome.

Few people in sports have had enjoyed the last few months more than the Kelces. Their offseason has been nonstop fun!