LA Dodgers players had a humorous reaction to a ceremonial first pitch on Sunday in South Korea, as actress Jeon Jong-seo took the mound and apparently captured their attention.

The Dodgers are currently in Asia playing exhibition games ahead of their regular season matchups vs. the Padres on March 20-21 in Seoul.

And before their exhibition vs. the Kiwoom Heroes on Sunday, LA players were captivated by Jong-seo as they chattered in the dugout.

Pitcher Ryan Brasier appeared to point towards Jong-seo, while star man Freddie Freeman looked on as well.

Pitcher Tyler Glasnow also cracked a smile after Jong-seo made her first pitch.

Jeon Jong-seo

Jeon Jong-seo

And pitcher Tyler Glasnow appeared to be captivated by the acress' mound performance

Slugger Freddie Freeman also looked on as the actress took the mound in Korea

The Dodgers would go on to win the game 14-3.

The team has been the subject of massive attention since signing two-way star Shohei Ohtani to a 10-year, $700million contract this offseason.

The Dodgers star shocked the world when he announced he was married last month, and he revealed last week that his wife was Mamiko Tanaka, a former professional basketball player.

Ohtani said the upcoming season opener against the Padres in Seoul will provide ‘great memories’ for him and his wife, as she’ll be there to watch him, but he’s attempting to focus on baseball.

‘I think it´s going to be really great memories for both of us. But like I said earlier, I have one job to focus on. It’s baseball,’ Otani said via an interpreter after landing in Seoul.

In late February, Ohtani, 29, said on Instagram that he was married to ‘a normal Japanese woman’ he had known for three to four years.

Tanaka, 27, is a former professional basketball player who played for the Fujitsu Red Wave in the Women´s Japan Basketball League from 2019-23.

And Ohtani says he is aware of the intense international media focus on the games in Seoul.

‘I appreciate all the attention. Obviously, attention is always great, being a baseball player and being able to play with these great guys next to me. I’m really excited,’ Ohtani said, referring to his two teammates speaking at the news conference, Mookie Betts and Freeman.

‘I’m really used to the attention, but I just try to focus on what´s in front of me, whatever it is.’