Mookie Betts drops intriguing insight into familyMookie Betts drops intriguing insight into family’s presence at Dodger Stadium

Mookie Betts is coming off a stellar performance with the Dodgers after defeating the Cardinals 7-1. Thousands of fans attended the Dodgers’ home opener, and a neat victory was the perfect dessert.

It was a special day for all Dodger fans, including Betts’ family. After their victory, Betts dropped an intriguing insight into the family’s presence at Dodger Stadium.

Betts smashed a home run to left field at the bottom of the third inning with his mom in attendance. The Dodgers star said Opening Day was super special with his family around.

“When my mom is in attendance I hit a homer so I had to make sure she came out for Opening Day,” Mookie Betts said.
Betts also recalled his time as a shortstop and looks forward to playing the new position for the Dodgers.
“It’s something that I did 10 years ago and now I’m back doing it again. Life comes full circle and I’m just enjoying it,” Betts continued.

Mookie Betts dedicates hours of practice at shortstop before each game

Mookie Betts has been an incredible performer, but he needs more hands-on practice in the shortstop role.

The 31-year-old dedicates hours of practice before each game to get better. When asked about the work that goes into playing the position, he said practice has been the fun part and he strives to improve.

“Getting on here messing up all the time, I’m out here hours and hours taking 200 to 300 ground balls a day trying to be the best that I could be,” Betts said.
Betts seems to be on top of his game and is all set to continue at shortstop.

With Shohei Ohtani and Freddie Freeman following Betts in order, the Dodgers have one of the best offenses in the game. The trio contributed significantly to the home opener. The Dodgers will continue their series with the Cardinals before they take on the Giants.