Taylor Swift landed in Melbourne, Australia around midnight local time, traveling from Los Angeles after her weekend at the Super Bowl for her Eras shows. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, did not join her despite the fact that his NFL season is over, it’s Valentine’s Day, and he previously hinted he would love to go visit Australia while she is there.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Menyanyikan 'You Belong With Me' di After-Party  Super Bowl - Dimensi Aktual

The reason for his absence is simple: He and the Kansas City Chiefs are still celebrating their Super Bowl victory. Today in Kansas City, Missouri, they are enjoying a parade fêting their win at 11 A.M. local time.

TMZ reported that it is not yet known whether Kelce will join Swift in Australia in the coming days. Kelce will be available though post-parade, schedule-wise, and Swift will be in the country for the next two weeks. Swift is playing in Melbourne on February 16 and 17. She will do three shows in Sydney from February 23 to 25.

Taylor Swift skips Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Kelce teased during a pre-Super Bowl press conference, “I’m not planning anything after this Super Bowl. I’m just focused on this game right now. But I’d love to experience down under.”

While Kelce and Swift aren’t spending Valentine’s Day physically together, a source told Entertainment Tonight on January 22 that Kelce was making a private effort to make the day special.

“Taylor and Travis are doing really well,” the source said then. “They try to spend as much time as they can together. Travis also makes it a point to make sure Taylor feels as comfortable as possible at his home. They have discussed their future as a couple and are excited at the idea of it. Right now, Travis is focused on Valentine’s Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 'doing best to make sure they will get to  spend Valentine's Day together' | Entertainment | deltanews.tv

Kelce hinted he was feeling the weight of it being his first Valentine’s Day as Swift’s boyfriend during a New Heights episode’s Etsy ad segment on January 10. “Whether you’re feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure like Jason [Kelce] and I, or trying to figure out the right gift for a significant other, Etsy is the go-to destination for adding that special touch,” Kelce started the ad, calling Etsy “the real MVP” when it comes to “finding the perfect game-winning gift for Valentine’s Day.” He did not reveal any more detail about his and Swift’s Valentine’s Day plans after that.